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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will each visit take?

The initial exam takes 30-45 minutes and adjusting appointments are 15 minutes.

How does Chiropractic help my pet?

Chiropractic adjustments target areas of hypo-mobility or lack of motion. By putting the joints in motion, we are improving range of motion and your pets’ ability to move correctly. At the same time, we are working on the nervous system by adjusting the spine. Nerves go to every organ and every tissue and controls every function of the body. It’s no different in our animal friends. We are also affecting the muscles which are attached to the bones. When the bones are out of place they create tightness in the muscles (muscle spasms) and cause “ropey” feeling and discomfort in our pets.

Is it the same as human chiropractic?

It is very similar in that we are effecting the joints, muscles and nervous system but your pet is adjusted while standing or lying on the floor or on an adjusting bale.

How many visits will it take?

Every pet is different. After the initial examination and treatment, Dr. Irven will have a good idea how your pet will respond to care. She will design a protocol designed specifically for your pet.

What kinds of animals do you work on?

Dr. Irven primarily sees dogs in our animal wing at Rocky Mountain Spine and Disc. While she does treat horses, her schedule no longer allows for farm calls.

Will adjusting hurt my pet?

Treatment does not cause pain but working in areas which are tender may cause discomfort. Treatments are very gentle and Dr. Irven gets to know your pet prior to an adjustment. The first adjustment can be scary because it’s new but animal patients respond so well they are usually eager to come back!

What happens after an adjustment?

Each pet responds to treatment differently; some animals are very excited and others need to rest and recover. Your pet will let you know what they need. Let them be in charge of their level of activity. If you have a sporting or competing dog, it is best to avoid strenuous activity for the next day.

How much does it cost?

Adjustments are $45

What should I bring to our first appointment?

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